Carlo is a Swiss drummer living and working both in Zürich and Los Angeles.

As a recording artist, Carlo has performed for Warner Brothers’ Emmy winning “The Tom & Jerry Show”,  the video game "Fortnite", PBS documentaries "And She Could Be Next" and "We Are The Radical Monarchs", various commercials, and with a plethora of bands and artists. Many of theses recordings were done remotely from his home studios in Zürich or Los Angeles. The recordings for "Fortnite" were also edited and mixed by himself. In 2018, he scored a video for the New York Times that received millions of views.

Thanks to his stylistic flexibility as a player, Carlo has performed with around one hundred artists and bands from a wide variety of musical backgrounds (see full list below). He’s played in Asia, Europe and North America with violin virtuoso Gingger Shankar, toured South America and Mexico with Nickelodeon’s Heffron Drive and played the US and Canada with EDM DJ and Grammy nominee Coucheron, just to name a few examples. He's also played for the Swiss artist Bastian Baker.

Carlo has also played a number of major television events, including the 2018 Video Game Awards (26 million viewers), Premios Telehit 2017 in Mexico (20+ million viewers) and the first-ever televised TED Talk in Mumbai, India. As an actor, he's starred in national commercials, including a Volkswagen commercial shown during each game of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The music videos he's starred in have been viewed more than one million times collectively.

In 2021 his original Ska-Punk band "Victory Kid" got signed to the Austrian Punk label SBÄM. Their debut album "Discernation" counts more than 1.5 million streams on Spotify and a similar amout on Youtube. For their upcoming album Carlo got to track drums at the famous Capitol Studios in Hollywood. They toured Europe in Summer 2022, opening for Mad Caddies and the Bouncing Souls and playing various festivals. For this they are joined on bass by grammy nominee Arion Salazar (of Third Eye Blind fame) and on saxophone by Matt Appleton (from Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger). Past original projects of his include the riot grrrl formation WASI, queer hard rock band MARY, and emo band Westland.

Carlo recently received his Master's degree from the Winterthur Academy for Contemporary Music in Switzerland. His 90 page Master's thesis about the "Money-Beat" and simplicty in music was graded 10/10. For his Master's concert he rearranged music written for Nintendo 64 games and played it with a Fusion four-piece. It was also awarded with the highest possible grades.


On top of drumming in various styles and being an all-around easy person to get along with, Carlo has a host of other skills that make him not only a wanted drummer, but also a great musical director. His skills include:

- Recording drums at his home studios in Zürich or Los Angeles
- Editing and mixing drums
- Preparing and running backing tracks and click tracks
- Playing various percussion instruments including the frame drum
- Programming and playing electronic percussion instruments like the Roland SPD-SX
- Fluency in English and German, some knowledge of French
- Organizing and running rehearsals and auditions
- Swiss punctuality and dependabilit




Carlo has recorded and/or publicly performed as the drummer of all of the following artists:



The following institutions provided Carlo with scholarships:

Berklee College of Music
Rotary International
Lyra Foundation for Highly Gifted Young Musicians
Fritz-Gerber Foundation for Talented Young People
Swiss Musician's Union
Fuchs-Eugster Foundation
Melinda Esterhazy de Galantha Foundation
Humanitas in Libertate
Hans and Wilma Stutz Foundation