Trip to India

So last year was pretty crazy. I played so many awesome gigs with so many great artists.. and I travelled like crazy! I played SXSW in Austin, The Living Tradition Festival in SLC, The Anokhi Awards and the Reel Asian Film Fest in Toronto, the Lion's Festival in Cannes, France, had a residency at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas, recorded a killer album with Harrison Nida, travelled to Malaysia to play at the town hall of Kuala Lumpur twice, went to Switzerland several times and somewhere in the mix I got married to the love of my life, too! Needless to say that by December I was pretty happy with the year already. Little did I know that the biggest gig of the year was still ahead of me.
Gingger Shankar called me to see if I was down for an impromptu trip to Mumbai, India to play at the first installation of TED Talks there. I've been a huge TED fan for years, so I made myself available and a few days later we were on a plane to India. On a side-note: Said plane from LA to India stops only in Doha, Qatar, and that's one of the longest regular flights you can take (over 16 hours). The plane doesn't fly East or West.. it goes straight over the North Pole! Anyways, once in Mumbai we started preparing for our performance. The ten year old piano prodigy Lydian joined us for asong and we worked out an arrangement to showcase his incredible skills. The production of the show was huge. India's biggest TV conglomerate was behind it and they spared no expense. The estimated viewership of the program is at least 100,000,000 - and that's if it's rated low! It will likely receive several times more viewers. In spite of those enourmous numbers I'm glad to say that we got to play completely live and plugged in. We had only one take for each of the songs we played, but who needs more anyways, right? Everything went smoothly and I can't wait to see the show when it airs this Spring!

Well that was the last adventure of 2016 and now I'm looking forward to what 2017 brings! I've got a feeling I'll be back to India some time soon...

PS. Also in December I signed with Clayton Music Management. That's an agency that represents real musicians for extra/acting/modelling work for TV and commercials. Yay, I've arrived in LA!


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