An Update with Lots of Hyperlinks

2016 has been a very busy year for me so far. NAMM was great, I had an amazing birthday party and I'm doing some amazing gigs in town with artists Harrison Nida, Backseat Pilots, Joel DeGraffe, Sands of Mohave and The Old Fashioned as well as increasingly more session work through the service "Beats to Go" that I co-founded with Stee Gfeller. The idea behind "Beats to Go" is to have a slender production company that can deliver drum parts and beats quickly, in an uncomplicated manner and with competitive pricing. So if you need music don't hesitate to hit me up, no matter where you are! 
While I love my work in LA I also like traveling to Las Vegas once a month to play a few nights with the top 40 cover band Pop Vision at the Stratosphere Casino. And this month I also got to go to SXSW for the first time to play at the Southwest Invasion Festival with Gingger Shankar and had the best time there! So cool to run into so many friends so far away from home! 
I'm extremely looking forward to recording a full length Pop-Punk album with Harrison Nida at the world renowned Westlake Studios in the upcoming months! My 16 year old self is doing a backflip! Also I'm getting more and more involved with Gingger Shankar's incredible multimedia project NARI for which I will play drums at multiple (film) festivals around the country starting April 8 in Sarasota, FL. And last but not least I just got accepted into the Street Drum Corps family and will start playing gigs with them later this year! 
So things stay interesting and very satisfying for me. I absolutely don't take any of this for granted and am very thankful for every minute I get to play the drums. Thanks for reading this and taking interest in my adventures!! Check out my Instagram if you want more regular updates.

PS: The manager of the International Fellowship House, where I lived at for my five semesters in Boston, started a helpful website for (prospective) international students in the USA. She did a little profile on me and got me to talk about some non-music related stuff for once. Check it out here!

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