An old year ends, a new year starts

My second year in LA comes to an end and I can look back on some very cool things. I received my O-1 artist visa which is a great blessing. I got to fly around the country and to Canada to perform with Gingger Shankar and The Old Fashioned and work with a number of really cool artists and projects. I met many new friends and music lovers.. I'm very grateful for that. Those close to me know that I also had to fight with a number of things this past year. I had some form of tendonitis, an infected appendix, a broken car, a stupid law suit and other stuff. Everything ended up working out for me though and I'm glad to be able to say that the good things that happened in 2015 outweighed the bad ones!

And now it's time to kick off 2016! I've been working with artist Harrison Nida for a while now and put together a band for him, so I'm stoked to be starting to play shows with him in February. Also I'll be playing with Samuel Singz and The Wind Chaser Club. See schedule here. Further on I've put together a band for R'n'B singer Golden Boy. He is known for his work as a part of the Psych Ward Druggies and I'm excited to get in the rehearsal studio with him.
I'm looking forward to hitting up NAMM (thanks for hooking it up Igor Len and Roland!) and to putting on monthly jam sessions at my house (and possibly other places?) with my housemates Stee, Coco and Yves. Further on Stee and I geared up and started a (still unnamed) studio with the goal to provide professional drum recordings with competitive pricing. Website will be up soon!
Also I'm super duper excited to finally, for the first time ever, will be doing workshops and clinics back in Switzerland this year. I'm currently booking more dates, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you want set up an event with me too!

Lastly, Gingger Shankar just released a live recording of her song "Radio" through Roland Sessions. It's one of my favorite songs on her upcoming record and I love the live version that we did. Check it out if, especially if you're into Fusion!


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