Pearl Drums, Clinic, Newspaper Articles and Exciting New Music

It's almost April already.. time for an update!!

At the top of the year I played APAP ('the worlds largest performing arts marketplace') in NYC with Gingger Shankar and we got snowed in! Since I didn't have anything lined up right after it I enjoyed my snowday and went to central park to look at the frozen lakes. It was beatiful, and for the first time in a very long time I thought about moving to NYC. Then I got a cold and scrapped that thought.

Later in January I went to NAMM, as I always do, and reconnected with the friendly people at Roland and VicFirth, who are so kind to provide me with the most awesome gear ever! And this time I made some new friends as well! As of this week I am officially a Pearl Drums endorser!! This is amazing news because I have played Pearl for most of my life as you might know, if you follow me on my social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). The first really nice drum set I've ever owned was a six piece black to blue fade Pearl Sessions kit. I was 16 and I had saved up for it for a very long time. When the set arrived at A&O Sound in Frauenfeld (the store I ordered it at) it was so beautiful, that the store owner immediately ordered another one to keep on display. I still own this set to this day and still love it just as much! I think you can imagine how excited and honored I am to be an official Pearl artist now. If you scroll down you can see me proudly pointing at the freshly signed contract!

After playing some gigs around town and recording some pretty exciting music (I'm looking at you Nite N Dae!), I went back to Switzerland for my birthday and my very first drum clinic in the end of February. I've been wanting to put on a clinic for a while, and, with the help and excitement of Andy Leumann from Musik Leumann, it finally came together (see flyer below). It was a very happy gathering of around 40 drummers and intersted public, including some of my family and my first two ever drum teachers Albert Lottenbach and Carlo Lorenzi. I definitely really enjoyed the experience and will repeat it as soon as possible (likely later this year). You can see a little bit of one of my drum solos here if you're inclined.

It was my first time playing in Switzerland in about five years (time flies!!) and to honor the occasion the Thurgauerzeitung (my home state's newspaper) kindly featured an article about me which you can (or cannot, depending on your German skills) read below or here. The article focused on me playing in front of an audience of several hundered million for a TV program in India a few months ago. Or even more than 650 hundered million to be exact, if you consider the executive producer's statement in this article. I also wrote about this in my last blog entry which you can find if you scroll down past the picturs. Anyways, a huge shoutout is due to Markus Schoch for doing the interview and to Debra Mahijah for hooking me up with an amazing photo for it! A few days later I also got awarded a Brodworscht by a different newspaper, the Anzeiger (you can read it here or scroll down). Yes, Brodworscht means Bratwurst in Swiss German and yes, I get to pick one up at the 'Olma' State Fair in October. And a third time yes.. I believe it's an honor. Last but not least, the Rorschacher Echo did a really nice write up on the clinic itself, which you can read here. Thank you Res Lerch! Also a big shoutout to my dad, who scans and emails me all these articles. You're the best!!

After all that action I was happy to come back to LA and play my first few shows with the amazinlgy talented artist Lost Puppy. You can check snippet of our very first show (at the Viper Room) here. Since you read all the way until here you get to look at the pictures now. Behold!


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