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Welcome to my new site!

As you can see I completely revamped it with a brand new design and photos by my dear friend, the extraordinarily talented Colleen Allison. It's been a few months since my last blog entry, so there's plenty to write about.

In August I recorded a full album for Harrison Nida with the amazing engineer/producer Allan Hessler at the Omen Room in Garden Grove, CA. I'm super stoked on it and can't wait till the album is completely done! It's expected to be released in Spring 17. After recording the album I went to Toronto with Gingger Shankar where she received the Anokhi Award of Excellence. We played two songs at the award show as a duo and had an incredible resonance (see video below!). Shortly after our Toronto trip we got to play two shows at the City Hall of Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. It was my first time travelling to eastern Asia and it was an incredible experience. I really hope I get to go back in the area soon, there's so much to explore!

In September I played a few local shows with Backseat Pilots, Harrison Nida and a few other artists and I did a week long run with Street Drum Corps at a fair up in Tulare, CA. It was my first experimentation with playing street drums (meaning barrels, cans, bins and so on) and it was a lot of fun! As of September I'm also officially considered a Roland artist, which is super exciting! Roland makes the best electronic drums and drum samplers and triggers and it feels great to officially be part of this great company!

October was again a bunch of shows in and around LA with the usual suspects plus, for the first time, two College/University shows with Gingger. The first one was University of Fresno, CA and the second one was at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS. We were received really warmly, the show in Fresno was even sold out!

All in all I just really, really enjoy travelling, especially while making music. These past few months my travel companions and I have met so many incredibly nice people that welcomed us to their cities and readily took their time to show us around town. We saw a 140 foot golden hindu statue, bat caves and night markets, had the best Chinese food in Toronto and the best Greek food in Fresno and now know what Halloween in Kansas is like. Now I'm looking forward to revisiting Toronto again to play the Reel Asian Film Festival with Gingger Shankar next week!

Here are a few impressions of the last few shows. If you want to see more videos you can always head over to my Instagram profile

 Performance in Toronto, Drum Solo starting at 3:40
Soundcheck in Toronto

Performance in Kuala Lumpur

Soundcheck in Overland Park, KS

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