A Broad Pallette of Challenges

It's been a while since my last update. I just came home from the East Coast where I played a concert on the 22nd level of the Standard in NYC with Gingger Shankar and recorded for my friend Misha Danilov's big band in the brand new studios at Berklee College in Boston. I had a great time reconnecting with old friends in both those cities and hope to be back next year.

Before this trip it was business as usual: Playing a residency with Gingger in San Diego as well as shows in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, working with new artists like Ted West and Harrison Nida, playing cover band gigs with The Old Fashioned and subbing for the "We Are The Tigers" Musical. Each gig I have provides me with completely different challenges. Harrison asked me to put a full band together for him, with Ted and the Old Fashioned I get to explore electronic and percussion playing, for the musical and the big band recording I had an opportunity to brush up on my reading skills (the two hour long musical I've played without a rehearsal and with only hearing the songs once beforehand.. so reading was key!) and with Gingger I get to venture out, jam and solo more than I've ever been asked/allowed to by any other Pop artist. I'm really happy to experience such a broad pallette of musical challenges.

Roland released one of the two live videos we recorded at their US headquarters earlier this year (see below) and Ayako Yamauchi has presented me with the results of our recording at the beginning of the year of which you can hear an (unmastered) excerp of her song House of Glory in my playlist (press forward in the music player until it shows up - it's song number four at the moment). For the rest of the year I'm looking forward to record and possibly tour with Harrison Nida, play more gigs in and out of town with Gingger Shankar and take on whatever other musical challenges come my way!

Soundchecking with Vivek Maddala for Gingger Shankar's showcase on top of the Standard Hotel in New York.
On top of the Standard with the World Trade Center in the background.

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