First half of 2018 and second half of 2017

I'm behind again with my blog entries, so here's a list of projects I've been involved in:


I got to score this incredible video for the New York Times - they wanted a 'Birdman'-style score with hits (on most of) the pop-up text. The video was featured on the front page of their website when it came out! Huge shout out go Little Girl and the Robot for connecting me.


I got to jump in and help out on drums on the season 4 of The Tom & Jerry show. Composer Vivek Maddala recently won an Emmy for season 3. Congrats!!


I'm featured in this Samsung commercial that's well on the way to get one million views on Youtube. I am also to be seen around the football worldcup games in this nationwide Volkswagen commercial. It's definitely surreal to see myself on 10+ screens during the halftime breaks when I watch a game at a bar. Don't forget the tweezer!


My presonal pet project Victory Kid released it's first EP Illenials plus it's first single of off it's second EP. You can find our music here and our music videos here. The releases have been VERY succesfull. We got featured on radio shows and spotify playlists, reviewed favorably by tons of websites, and even made it onto two different physical samplers. Here you can find a (very limited) selection of the press resonance. We also advanced all the way to the final of the Battle of the Bands of Vans Warped Tour.


My roommates band ZIBBZ were chosen to represent Switzerland in the European Song Contest - the biggest songwriting competition in the world. The popular Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte did a homestory on them and I am featured in it as well. Check it out here!


I recorded drums for the indie movie Unlovable. It's a movie about a former sex addict that finds recovery in music, written by Charlene DeGuzman and Mark Duplass. The drums in it represent the emotional status of the lead character. It was a lot of fun coming up with out of the box drumming ideas to truly match her feelings! Unfortunately it looks like the movie got canned.


I joined Chris Freeman, founding member of queercore heroes Pansy Division, and Steve McKnight of Crywolf fame as well as GAYC/DC bassist Glen Pavan as a drummer for their new Hardrock project MARY.


I got to record an amazing EP that's being mastered right now with Art Rock band Lost Puppy. I'm very excited about how it came out and can't wait to share it with the world!


In fall 2017 still (wow, how long have I not updated this blog?!) I got to go on a Latin America tour with Pop-Rock band Heffron Drive. The band is based around the lead singer and the guitarist of All time Rush, Kendall Schmidt and Dustin Belt. It was amazing to visit and play in Argentina and Brazil with them, but the highlight was playing the Mexican music show Premios Telehit. It's an anual TV event similar to our MTV awards and it was broadcasted all over Latin America with a viewership in the millions. Check out one of the songs we played in my video section.


Also in fall 2017 I got to go on a North-American tour with Norwegian EDM artist and Grammy award nominee Coucheron. We played most of the set as a duo and then added on singer Felicia Ferraro for the last three tunes. This left me a lot of space for cool drum and bass beats and for playing with my electronic Roland toys!


I'm also very excited about the other projects I've been involved in, namely Prog-Rock band Magnetic South, an EP I recorded for up and coming artist Kanen Reuter and Joel Jarek DeGraff's Same Animal. I'm looking forward to play with Gingger Shankar in Fort Worth, Texas and with Victory Kid at Hemp Fest in Seattle this Summer!

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